Branding | Colorado Cupcakes

Branding | Colorado Cupcakes


Design Brief

Client: C2 Bakery, a new bakery in Denver, Colorado (the name, C2, stands for Colorado Cupcakes).

From the client: “I want the design to be clean, with a touch of girly to it. I see a the C from the flag with the flag’s colors melting into a mountain background and a clean ‘bakery’ underneath it.”


The client had a clear idea of what she wanted, and I was happy to help her hit the mark with her sharp new logo!

The combination of soft blue and a deep red is recognizable as the colors for Colorado State, yet come across as clean and fresh (plus it’s much easier on the eyes than the primary red and blue in the state flag!)

The clean, contemporary lines of the Colorado skyline are anchored in the ribbon at the base. The ribbon lends the logo a “touch of girly” as per the client’s request.

For typography, the combination of Ostrich Sans and Yellowtail were chosen. Ostrich Sans is a clean contemporary font, which perfectly fit the client’s vision. Yellowtail was chosen to contrast Ostrich’s clean lines with a dash of feminine flair! It was important that the fonts be freely available for commercial use, as the new bakery didn’t have a budget for design.

Thanks to Graphic Burger for the great sign mock-up!