Branding | Decorating Your Life

Branding | Decorating Your Life


Decorating Your Life’s old branding didn’t have much of an impact in the retail environment.

Decorating Your Life’s new branding gets noticed in the retail environment. Shown here is their Iron On product line.

The new branding clearly communicates to customers that the Classic Vinyl (teal) and Iron On (red) products belong to two separate product lines. This is important since the products look similar but have totally different applications.

In 2014, Decorating Your Life decided that it was time for a change: their original look — a simple black wordmark on kraft paper hang-tags — no longer stood out on retailers’ shelves and did not communicate their fun, trendy identity to the consumer. I worked with the president of the company to develop new branding, with a focus on making the packaging stand out more. Although it may be an unconventional starting point for a branding project, it made sense given that 90% of Decorating Your Life’s customers first encounter the brand via the packaging.

The first thing that I brought to the new packaging was a splash of color. This helped the products stand out on the shelves. In addition, the new branding allows for a clear distinction between Decorating Your Life’s two products — traditional vinyl and iron on vinyl — through the use of red and teal. This was an important consideration, because the two product lines otherwise look very similar on the shelf.

The whole team at Decorating Your Life, along with their network of retailers, were thrilled with the new branding. The new packaging embraces a fun, contemporary style that invites crafter, of every skill level, to enjoy being creative!

Thanks to my friends at Decorating Your Life for letting me borrow some of their Instagram images to help tell their brand story!