Photography | Commercial Products

Photography | Commercial Products

This angle grinder needed to become brand neutral before it was ready for its debut on a package of sanding discs.

In order to feature a photo of the product on the brad nailer packaging, I photographed the prototype, updated it to our corporate blue and created a logo nameplate.

Product mockups are an essential part of communicating product specifications to the overseas supplier. For example, this backpack was given an update with corporate blue accent panels. Given the language barriers, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

As part of the Graphics Department for a local power tool company, my job involves a lot of product photography and photo retouching. Photos are used for a variety of applications, including packaging and marketing materials.

We often receive samples from our suppliers and, as in these examples, use photo retouching techniques to mock up what the product will look like in our brand colors and to our specifications. These are important as it often takes months for products to arrive from overseas, and mock ups help secure advanced orders.

Use the sliders below the photos to toggle between the original photo and the retouched final version.