Product Design | Decorating Your Life

Product Design | Decorating Your Life



Decorating Your Life is a wholesale supplier of vinyl lettering located in Bellingham, WA. These vinyl designs wind up in a retail setting, being sold in craft stores as a supporting product for “surfaces” like frames, blank canvas, unfinished wooden plaques, and more.

In the last 6 years, I have created hundreds of designs for Decorating Your Life. These designs are released through yearly seasonal and theme collections such as Spring, Easter, Family, Everyday, etc.

It has been a wonderful experience that has provided me with many unique challenges: creating designs that are accessible to novice crafters while leaving the creative possibilities open; targeting both trendy, progressive customers and more traditional crafters; designing with multiple products in mind; addressing the unique needs of the vinyl production team at the time of design.

Thanks to the team at DYL for providing me with shots of my designs on their awesome samples!